The present terms will be applied for all orders that we receive and, generally, for all sales. These General Sales Terms prevail over any type of negotiation or correspondence and constitute the single and complete agreement between Buyer and JMT, S.L regarding terms regulating the sale. Therefore, other terms not accepted, will not have value, or legal effect. The technical information that appears in our catalogues, leaflets, drawings, pictures, Web site and, generally, included in our price offers is only indicative, for this reason JMT S.L can introduce, without previous information, all modifications considered advisable. All technical information supplied to the buyer is property of JMT, S.L, being prohibited its processing or reproduction to third parts, without previous written authorization.


Prices which appear in prices list are prices for industrialists and they do not include the V.A.T. Shipment cost, special packing, insurance or other no specified costs are not included


Orders passed, as well as any modification on them, will be done by writing indicating the same order number or reference and the person who do it.


Costs caused by an order cancellation/modification will be charged to the buyer.


The order delivery time will be indicated at the order reception and it will be an EXWORKS incoterm. The delay in the delivery will not generate any penalty. Orders will be dispatched by the forward agent required by the buyer and the shipment cost will at the buyer’s charge. Material will always be shipped by buyer’s responsibility and risk.


First operation, payment in advance. Following operations will be agreed between buyer and sales department, according to Law 15/2010 of 5 of July. The products property will be transferred to the buyer once total payment of the product is done.


All the products have one year warranty against all manufacture defect, replacing the defective product by another one in perfect state, or by a similar one (if this items is discontinued). Substitution of a defective product will not give right to other type of claim. Repairs that could appear during the warranty period will be done on the installation place or in JMT SL factory, at the manufacturer’s best convenience. JMT, S.L could send specialized people where the failure has happened or to repair in situ. Defective pieces, that have been replaced by other new ones, will be JMT S.L’s property and the Buyer will be obliged to return them. In no case, JMT, S.L will be responsible for repairs done by people alien to its staff. Regarding this warranty, following points will not be considered as defect:

  • Normal wear.
  • Those generated or provoked by materials or designs supplied by the buyer.
  • Those provoked by an inadequate storage, use or maintenance.
    Those provoked by an incorrect installation.
  • Those generated by modifications bring to the originally supplied item, done without previous written JMT S.L’s approval.
  • Those caused by an inadequate use, by damages provoked by adverse environmental conditions, or vandalism (if item has not be prepared for it), or by an inadequate handling from non authorized staff.
  • Those caused by the product use with high voltages (from 80v.).

In these circumstances, JMT, S.L will be excluded from any responsibility in front of possible direct or indirect provoked damages.


Returns will not be admitted after 15 days from items reception date. JMT, S.L will immediately replace, all defective products in origin or that do not correspond with the customer order. All items returns for reason where JMT S.L is not involved, if they are accepted, they will depreciated of 15% regarding their purchase value. It will not be a reason for return errors in the order writing. Before to send back material for a credit note or for a replacement, it is essential to previously inform JMT, S.L., sending a return or credit note requirement, explaining reasons for that and indicating the corresponding delivery note number. Once confirmed this request, the Customer can send back items; being shipment cost at JMT, S.L’s charge.