A family company in evolution

The JMT S.L industrial pattern is the practical application of the Catalan enterprise model that prioritizes the direct implication of the family in the business. The present direction is the third generation with presence in the branch. Possibly benefits of this business model are difficult to quantify, but the certain thing is that the formula reverts in the company in an intangible patrimony form: to manage day by day the family company requires a singular respect and dedication that are translated in the best services.




The founder

The installer of the FUSTER FABRA elevators company, Jose Antonio Martin, founded on 1959 ELECTROMECÁNICA J MARTÍN TOLEDANO, to manufacture industrial controls for elevators.


The first factory

The beginning of its activity was in a 10m2 local in its own house, to move to 60m2 in Barcelona, then 100m2 in l’Hospitalet, and finally 1,000m2 since 1987 (where we are based now).


The first push button

To be mounted in surface mounted plates made of aluminium or brass, has been manufactured in 1959 and its manufacture was totally handcrafted item, from body Bakelite to contacts.