BA541 Series

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2 mm Stainless steel box with polished finishing.

Exterior, cabin in 1 or 2
raw and column.

Polished Stainless steel,
brightness or golden.

Exteriors anchorages:
Through M4x25 Allen passing
screws, or through M4x15
auto soldered pins.

Cabin anchorages:
Through M4x25 Allen screws.

Column anchorages:
Through M6x30 or M6x50
cage Allen screws.

Standard or to determinate
by the customer.

Land / Cabin mounted plate
assembled into a box. Any kind
of additional accommodation
for auxiliary display, emergency
ceiling, telephony, etc.

Minimum Vertical distance
between push button axis:
50 mm.

Minimum Horizontal distance
between push button axis:
70 mm.

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