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Illuminated push-button in polycarbonate. Protected with self-extinguishing crome-plated cover of  ABS. Thermo-engraved & Over-relief Symbols.

Dimensions: 56x33 mm Outer cover and 20mm Push element.

Assembly: Through the external panel.

Colours: Outer Cover: Cromed. On request: Black or Golden.

             Inner Cover: Cromed. On request: Black, Yellow, Red or Golden

             Push element: White background.

             Indicator: White or red background

Connection: Total Section of each terminal = 2,2 mm. Contact through micro switch.

Fixing: To the front panel with screws made of Auto extinguishable ABS.

Available Contacts: 1O, 1C, 1OL, 1O1C, 2O, 2OL.

Range: Luminous (L), Key (LLA), anb Braille System (B).

Lighting by Led at: 24V (other voltage on request).

Led Colour: Red except yellow and green colours required by the rule. (Under request, other colours are available: Blue, Green, White).

Push button symbols: from -9 to -1, from 0 to 25, from A to Z, Without Inscription, OD (Opened Door), CD (Closed Door), ALARM, ARROW (to push), Telephone call reception.

Indicator symbols: Without Inscription, Arrow (Up or Down), Operating, Occupied, Door open, Here, Telephone call reception.

Rules: Not applicable.

Electrical Properties

Luminous indicator: Voltage 24DC
Current: 15 mA +/- 5 mA

Push Button: Voltage 24DC
Current: 50 mA
Contact Resistance: < 100 m Ohms
Insulating Resistance: > 100 m Ohms

Mechanical Properties

Operating distance: 0,3 - 0,5 mm
Maximum distance: 1 mm
Operating pressure: 2,5 - 5 N
Micro switch during of life: > 10 millions pulses

Operating Environment

Operating temperature: -10°C / +50°C
Operating Humidity: 5% - 90%

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